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The Early Bird vs the Night Owl

MetroBar"Our downtown is attracting lots of Young Professionals"

"We are focusing downtown development on attracting new Bars and Restaurants"

"We need to focus on bringing in Upscale Bars and Restaurants, Bistros and Boutiques, and High-End Shopping so that our city attracts more Young Professionals"

Thus spouts the city manager or planning bureaucrat as he prepares his jingos to launch into 2008.


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Upper Crust Pizza
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K&W Cafeteria
K&W started as a restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem in 1937. Today, there are 33 cafeterias in the Carolinas, Virginia, and West Virginia. At a... >>>
A very good and timely article appeared today in the Journal, dedicated to the regional intercity transit system for the Triad, PART. The reason I... >>>
What a Ballpark Will and Will Not Do...
I would like to voice my strenuous opposition to the proposal to build another taxpayer-financed ballpark in Winston-Salem.Public projects which... >>>
A Twin City Timeline
A timeline of events in Twin City history, complied from Winston-Salem: A History by Frank V. Tursi, and other sources. >>>
I don't think Roanoke is at the top of anyone's "must see" list. And that's too bad. This Virginia city offers an old school urban feel with a... >>>
Do You Favor Your Mama or Your Daddy?
I'm a son of the Carolinas. I was born in Greensboro, and lived withing a hundred miles of there until I was twenty-eight years old. Then, I spent... >>>
The Early Bird vs the Night Owl
"Our downtown is attracting lots of Young Professionals""We are focusing downtown development on attracting new Bars and Restaurants""We need to... >>>
Gyms Cause Obesity
OK - the headline is meant to be sensationalist - the real meat of this entry is about the fact that encouraging people to "get out and move" is not... >>>
That Urban Feel
Does your neighborhood feel urban? Take the test! Think you live in an "urban" environment? Well, you do - if all of the following can be... >>>
Making Preserves Out Of History
They're going to tear down Moore School on Knollwood Street. Funny thing is no one seems to care, even here in presevation-minded Winston-Salem? How... >>>