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Don Leo's Mexican Restaurant
Fairly new as of this review, Don Leo's on first glance is your average suburban Mexican joint geared mainly toward middle-class white southerners. I... >>>
Upper Crust Pizza
The first time I visited Upper Crust, I was so angry that I left without my food. Subsequent visits have convinced me I probably shouldn't have... >>>
K&W Cafeteria
K&W started as a restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem in 1937. Today, there are 33 cafeterias in the Carolinas, Virginia, and West Virginia. At a... >>>
A very good and timely article appeared today in the Journal, dedicated to the regional intercity transit system for the Triad, PART. The reason I... >>>
What a Ballpark Will and Will Not Do...
I would like to voice my strenuous opposition to the proposal to build another taxpayer-financed ballpark in Winston-Salem.Public projects which... >>>
A Twin City Timeline
A timeline of events in Twin City history, complied from Winston-Salem: A History by Frank V. Tursi, and other sources. >>>
I don't think Roanoke is at the top of anyone's "must see" list. And that's too bad. This Virginia city offers an old school urban feel with a... >>>
Do You Favor Your Mama or Your Daddy?
I'm a son of the Carolinas. I was born in Greensboro, and lived withing a hundred miles of there until I was twenty-eight years old. Then, I spent... >>>
The Early Bird vs the Night Owl
"Our downtown is attracting lots of Young Professionals""We are focusing downtown development on attracting new Bars and Restaurants""We need to... >>>
Gyms Cause Obesity
OK - the headline is meant to be sensationalist - the real meat of this entry is about the fact that encouraging people to "get out and move" is not... >>>
That Urban Feel
Does your neighborhood feel urban? Take the test! Think you live in an "urban" environment? Well, you do - if all of the following can be... >>>
Making Preserves Out Of History
They're going to tear down Moore School on Knollwood Street. Funny thing is no one seems to care, even here in presevation-minded Winston-Salem? How... >>>